Compensation & Benefit

Quality talents are Realtek’s most important assets. A sound remuneration scheme and employee benefits are critical to the organization’s innovation, energy, and competitiveness. Positive performance evaluation and incentive schemes have been drawn up by Realtek to promote employee improvement, retention, and career development. Current practices are as follows:

  • Two performance evaluations are conducted each year to serve as the basis for incentives such as promotions, salary adjustments, bonuses, and profit sharing

  • Provide guidance on patent R&D and bonuses for patents awarded

  • Well-known domestic/international periodicals, papers, and books are available for borrowing. Guidance and incentive bonuses for published articles

  • Participation in R&D projects that are related to professional expertise and personal interests

  • Established ‘Employee’s Great Ideas Encouragement Program’ incentive scheme

  • Offer a dual-track career development system that includes the option for promotion to R&D management roles based on ability and interest

  • Bonus scheme based on performance evaluation and R&D contribution

  • Highly competitive standards of compensation and benefits

  • Salary adjustments, annual bonuses, and profit-sharing are based on the outcomes of personal performance evaluations so that employees can share in the company’s business results


Fair remuneration scheme

Realtek has worked to implement a fair compensation scheme and standardized evaluation formulas over the years. Uniform baseline indicators are used to realize the goal of professional management. An equitable working environment is created through rigorous systems that ensure fair compensation. Consistent salary standards, salary adjustment review indicators and guidelines are applied for all Realtek employees in each position to ensure gender equality. We also ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of employee gender, race, or age in the standard of remuneration offered during the hiring process. Everything is done to ensure a fair remuneration system.


High-coverage company group insurance for employees and dependents

In addition to providing basic labor and health insurance, Realtek also provides group insurance paid by the company as an employee benefit. The insurance includes life, accident, hospitalization, and cancer coverage. Employees’ spouses and children can also be enrolled in the group insurance at the company’s cost. Employees can choose to purchase hospitalization and cancer insurance for their parents at preferential rates as well. Realtek not only looks after our employees but also cares about the health of their families. Realtek employees know that the company truly cares.


Unpaid parental leave scheme

We care about every stage in the lives of Realtek employees. We are also more than happy to help our employees get through every important phase in their lives successfully and safely. An unpaid parental leave scheme based on the Gender Equality in Employment Act was implemented by Realtek. All male and female employees can apply for leave to look after their family members.


What benefits are offered by Realtek?

  • The Welfare Committee provides holiday festivals and birthday coupons, travel subsidies, and generous self-service benefits.

  • Free annual health exams are held to help employees practice self-health management.

  • Disbursing of holiday bonuses and subsidies for weddings and funerals.

  • The Employee Welfare Committee organizes a variety of professional educational seminars, club activities, ball-sport competitions, and competitive interactions.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides psychological counseling, legal counseling, and stress reducing massage services.

  • Established employee cafeteria, café, and convenience store to provide employees with a variety of food & beverage services.

  • Employees are provided with company group insurance in addition to labor and health insurance to enhance their work-life protection.

  • Realtek Energy House provides sports, reading, gaming, and health management services.


Retirement plan

Retirement regulations were drawn up and a Labor Pension Preparation Fund Supervision Committee set up by Realtek with monthly contributions paid to the Preparation Fund for permanent employees in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Labor Standards Act. Pension contributions have also been made in accordance with the actuary report on the pension fund since 1995. Starting from July 1, 2015, regulations governing pension contributions for employees that are local nationals were formulated by Realtek in accordance with the Labor Pension Act. For employees covered by the labor pension scheme outlined in the Labor Pension Act, at least 6% of their monthly salary is deposited with their personal account with the Labor Insurance Bureau. Employee pensions are paid as a monthly pension or a lump sum from the employee’s personal pension account and accumulated returns.