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Sound/Sound Cards
  • Q1: Does Realtek support audio/video drivers for Linux?
  • Q2: Does my sound card work under full-duplex operation?
  • Q3: I can not record/playback from my microphone.
  • Q4: My CD-ROM does not playback sound.
  • Q5: I have problems with my MS digital game pad/SideWinder 3D ProJoystick working with my game port.
  • Q6: My system reports that my driver is not DirectX certified when installing MS DirectX driver.
  • Q7: There is no sound from my speakers.
  • Q8: Why is there a parity error message when using the ALS300 sound device?
  • Q9: Why is there a yellow exclamation mark next to the MPU401,WAVE, or OPL3 devices of "audio/video & game controller..." list under [Device Manager] upon completing ALS 300 driver installation?
  • Q10: My joystick fails to install or is not recognized when using the WinNT4.0 driver under WinNT 4.0 for my audio cards.
  • Q11: Why am I not getting OPL or Midi sound when playing games using the WDM driver under a DOS BOX?
  • Q12: Why don't Playback and Recording mixer volumes synchronize as with Windows95 VXD?
  • Q13: Could you please advice me which driver I should download for my sound card?
  • Q14: I have installed 3 Realtek ALS4000 PCI sound cards in my Win98 machine.
  • Q15: I downloaded the latest drivers of Windows updates for my sound chip and it installed a sound effect manager in my taskbar. There are no options to disable or remove this feature. What can I do?
  • Q16: I need the latest Windows3.1/95/98/NT or DOS driver for my audio/video card with Realtek chip.


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