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General Questions
  • Q1: Does Realtek manufacture adapter or Add-in cards?
  • Q2: How can I find out who my board vendor/manufacturer is?
  • Q3: If I can't find the board manufacturer's contact information but need generic driver updates, how do I identify the vendor chip part number for product identification?
  • Q4: How do I determine which model of Realtek chip is on my board?
  • Q5: What if I can't find driver or information for the chip part number not listed in the web site?
  • Q6: What are the differences between Win98 VXD and Win98 WDM drivers?
  • Q7: I don't have any documentation explaining the jumper settings on my audio/graphic adapter.

  • Q8: Is there any hardware register information on Realtek's audio/graphic chips available for driver programming or development purposes?
  • Q9: Documents with 'DOC' extension can not be opened with MS Word.

  • Q10: Drivers for my audio/graphic controllers (based on chip part number) are not available from
  • Q11: What if my audio/video driver is not MS DirectX certified?
  • Q12: How do I know which driver to download for my audio/video board?
  • Q13: I have problems when re-installing or updating my audio/video driver.
  • Q14: Unable to complete system setup (hanging at 50% completed).
    I have downloaded and applied your patch file with Windows 95C (OSR2.5).
  • Q15: There are two drivers in your driver download page: (1) win98VXD (2) win98WDM. Which one should I use?


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